Protecting Your Car From Sun Damage | La Grange Lincoln In La Grange, TX

How to Protect Your Car from Sun Damage

Summer in La Grange, Texas, offers lots of fun in the sunshine, but that can take a toll on your car. Take steps to protect your investment now and you can depend on long-lasting Lincoln quality for years to come.

Throw your car some shade

The more you keep your vehicle out of direct sunlight, the better. Park in a shady spot to minimize the amount of sunshine it gets over the course of a long day. If you don’t have access to a garage or carport, parking beneath a nice tree will do. Crack the windows a bit to release hot air build up so that the interior is more comfortable when you return and use a sunshade on the windshield to keep the dash and upholstery from fading and cracking. Cover on your seats and wipe leather upholstery with conditioner to keep it supple.

Wash and wax often

Dirt and dust build up as you drive and that can damage your car’s paint job. The sun’s ultraviolet rays do a number on the finish, too, so regular washing followed by a nice coat of wax every few weeks helps to protect it. Heat is hard on tires, so be sure to check your tire pressure regularly to avoid blowouts.

Looking under the hood

Check your fluids regularly, including motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and coolant. Keeping fluids at recommended levels can reduce the chance of your engine overheating. Have your battery checked periodically, too. Constant air conditioning use puts a strain on it, and speaking of AC, if your car doesn’t seem to cool off as quickly as it used to, get that system checked out at La Grange Lincoln.

Maintaining the quality of your Lincoln is a top priority at La Grange Lincoln. Whether you’re looking to protect your car from sun damage or keep it running stronger for longer, our dedicated service staff will work to serve you quickly and get you back on the road faster.