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Blue is One of the Most Popular Lincoln Colors

One of the most popular Lincoln colors is one that evokes the vast sky, the rolling ocean, and a sense of peace and calm. According to the luxury brand, about 10 percent of all new vehicles it sold in 2019 were some shade of blue.

Lincoln offers a total of five unique shades of blue across its expansive lineup: Artisan Blue, Blue Diamond, Chroma Crystal, Flight Blue, and Rhapsody. Each hue is meant to draw upon a different feeling or visual. Flight Blue, the signature color of the all-new Lincoln Aviator and Lincoln Corsair, is meant to provide the feeling of taking to the air and experiencing true freedom. Artisan Blue, richer and deeper like the vastness of space, gives the Lincoln Nautilus the right mix of intrigue and electricity.

Taste-making Lincoln customers might have had an impact in making blue the new black. The Pantone Institute, which is the foremost expert in all things colorful, deemed Classic Blue the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020. The Vice President of Pantone Color Institute, Laurie Pressman, explains the appeal of the sky-colored Lincoln lineup: “Whether a light, medium or deep blue tone, Lincoln’s palette of blues summon up feelings of respite and refuge.”

Lincoln’s inspiration for its popular blues comes directly from the customers. Lincoln Color and Materials Design Manager Susan Lampinen explained that after evaluating the clothes, furniture, and lifestyles of the brand’s customer base, modernity and calmness are two common themes. Both concepts can be spotted in Lincoln’s sleek, balanced vehicle lineup and gorgeous colorways.

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