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Lincoln ActiveGlide Brings Hands-Free Driving to the Lincoln Lineup

Lincoln is looking toward the future with plans to add advanced technology to much of its lineup. One of the new technologies coming to the Lincoln lineup soon is Lincoln ActiveGlide. Lincoln ActiveGlide is an advanced hands-free driving system that uses radar, cameras, and other monitoring devices that allow you to enjoy the ride with more confidence.

You will be able to use Lincoln ActiveGlide on more than 100,000 miles of limited access highways across North America. These highways will be called Hands-Free Blue Zones and, over time, they will include additional highways in more areas. Lincoln ActiveGlide will also benefit from Lincoln Enhance hands-free updates, which help the technology improve over time.

When in operation, Lincoln ActiveGlide requires the driver to remain alert with their eyes on the road. If the system notices the driver is not paying attention to the road, it will alert the driver. There will also be times, when the driver will have to put their hands back on the steering wheel. For instance, if they reach a section of unmapped highway.

Lincoln ActiveGlide will join the lineup very soon in the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator. To learn more about that incredible SUV and Lincoln ActiveGlide technology, visit La Grange Lincoln in La Grange, Texas.