Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Preview | La Grange Lincoln | La Grange, TX

Lincoln Zephyr Reflection Previews The Upcoming Lincoln EV

Lincoln has announced that it will debut its first-ever electric vehicle next year. Though we’ve only seen a shadowy teaser of the new look of the first Lincoln EV, we have a solid idea of what’s coming thanks to the new Lincoln Zephyr Reflection preview car.

The Lincoln Zephyr Reflection debuted earlier this year in Shanghai, teasing a car that’ll be exclusive to China. Lincoln boasts that this sedan, which carries on the legacy of an icon of the brand, offers a taste of what’s to come from the next iteration of Quiet Flight.

And while we know that the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection won’t come stateside, Lincoln has confirmed that the shapely, future-forward styling of the preview car will influence the look of the exciting EV debuting next year.

“As we accelerate Lincoln’s transformation in North America and China, there is no better time to propel the Lincoln brand forward with electrification,” said Joy Falotico, president, Lincoln. “Electrification will take Quiet Flight to a new level with the smooth, exhilarating take-off feel and serene quietness our clients expect from a Lincoln.”

You can expect that the first fully electric Lincoln will evolve the iconic star “to meet an electrified future” and offer a sanctuary space that’s refreshing and comforting. You won’t have long to wait, either. Check out the Lincoln Zephyr Reflection and get an idea of what’s coming, then keep your eyes peeled for the debut of the all-new Lincoln EV next year. When the electric Lincoln lineup arrives, you’ll find it at La Grange Lincoln in La Grange, Texas. Get ready!