Lincoln Owners Get The Calm App - La Grange Lincoln In La Grange, TX

Lincoln Owners Can Get 1 Year of Calm for Free

If there’s one thing we all need more of these days, it’s peace of mind. Lincoln comes through once again by partnering with Calm, the No. 1 mental fitness app in America, to offer a year of complimentary premium membership to Lincoln owners.

Lincoln teaming with Calm is just another example of the luxury brand positioning its vehicles as a place to unwind and relax after a long day. Focusing on quiet, comfortable interiors and providing premium perks like a year of Calm membership, Lincoln earns its claims of offering a sanctuary on the road.

“The sense of sanctuary and wellbeing are core to the Lincoln brand and everything that we do for our clients,” said Michael Sprague, North America director, The Lincoln Motor Company. “This collaboration, a first of its kind in automotive, is another way for us to offer something personal to our clients — a sense of calm, balance and rejuvenation so they can focus on what matters most.”

If you own a 2000 or newer Lincoln vehicle and have access to the Lincoln Way­™ app, you can take advantage of the promotion by Aug. 12, 2021. Simply log not the app and you’ll be directed to set up your calm account. Then, kick back and enjoy a year of premium access to the leading app for finding a sense of calm.

To learn more about all that Lincoln is doing to make your life feel a little bit less stressful, visit La Grange Lincoln in Texas.